Keswick Fairs 2018

Venue: Skiddaw Hotel

Tables cost £25 for 6ft or £40 for 12ft.

Open from10am until 4pm

Set up from 8.30am


* November 11th and 25th

* December 9th



* February 24th

* March 24th

* April 7th, 19th, 22nd

* May 6th, 26th

* June 2nd, 23rd

* July 14th, 21st

* August 2nd, 4th, 9th, 16th, 18th, 26th

* September 8th, 29th

* October 6th, 20th

* November 10th, 24th

* December 8th 

Additional information:

  • The fair is located in the Greta Suite on the ground floor at the rear of the hotel

  • Unloading is from outside of the Greta Suite at the back of the hotel, accessed from the road to the main town car park

  • Please note that there is no parking at this venue. The main car park charges £9.50 per day. Cheaper parking is available nearby at the Rugby Club for £3.50 per day